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Alessa vom Trakehnergestuet


PARENTS: Europa vom Garten der Freiheit × Bellfast von der Haselhoehe
BORN ON: 11.06.2006 - 5.10.2016
BREEDER: Monika Kushey, kennel vom Trakegnergestuet, Austria
HEIGHT: 64 cm
WEIGHT: 35 kg
HEALTH: Eyes clear, thyroid ok (2011)
BREEDING LICENSE: Slovene and Austrian breeding license (passed NZB, JB, ZTP)
SHOWS: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB; Junior Champion of Slovenia (CH.J.CLO), Champion of Croatia (CH.HR), Central - Eastern European Winner 2008 (C.E.E Winner), Club champion 2009, Zagreb Winner 2008, Winter Winner 2009 - list of all shows
COMPETITIONS: Amstetten 2009 (Avstrija): 95 points, 1.place
LITTERS: Litter "A", 2010: 3 males and 6 females


Alessa has joined our family in 2006. She comes from Austria, from the kennel vom Trakehnergestuet, owned by miss Monika Kuschey. She was only a week old when we saw her for the first time and it was love at first sight. She is a typical representative of the breed, with solid character and she is a very independent dog. She loves long walks, swims like crazy and loves to eat.

Other dogs she usually ignors, there are only few dogs she loves to play with. With other dogs she doesn?t like to play because she is a very dominant female and acts very bossy. On the walk she is friendly to other animals and people, loves to run, play and fight for a toy. At home she is usually very calm but starts barking in a second when someone presses the bell. She smells the visitor and leaves but acts completely different when a familiy member comes home - to us she is showing her toys, cries, wants to cuddle, gives kisses and waggs like crazy.

It turned out she is a great "student", thus she passed all the exams without a problem. In a strange and tempting situations she always listens the words "stop" or "back here" so she can be off the leash all the time. She is a great family member, we take her with us if possible or we adjust plans. She is happy just being around us and watching what are we doing. In october 2016 Alessa's health deteriorated so much that there was simply no way to save her. We lost our beloved girl way too soon, but we will remember and love her forever.

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