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Avera vom Ilsesee


PARENTS: Danja vom Haselrieder Wald × Byte Wächter der Zukunft
BORN ON: 14.6.2012 - 31.5.2018
BREEDER: Lothar and Erika Grawunder (kennel Ilsesee, Germany)
PEDIGREE NUMBER: VDH-HO 35934-12, SLRHw 000264
HEIGHT: 66 cm
WEIGHT: 34 kg
HEALTH: Hypothyroidism, missing P3 on both uppers sides
BREEDING LICENSE: Not suitable for breeding
EXAMS: A (95/100), B-Bh (97/100), NZB
SHOWS: Very promising 1, Best puppy, Puppy BIS 3


Avera is a typical representative of the breed. She is a confident and playful female who surprises us with ingenuity and tenderness every day. She is very friendly to everyone - all dogs, puppies, other animals and all people.

When someones visites she is happy to see him/her, brings the toy or only wants to cuddle. Her favorite toy is a ball and she is crazy about catching it and running after it. She is very smart and had passed the obedience exams A and BBH exam without a slightest problem.

At the age of 7 months we discovered that she lacks the P3 teeth on both upper sides and the results of her hip x-ray were HD B/B. A year later we found out that her thyroid is not functioning well enough so now she is on daily medication for that as well. Because of all these problems, she is not suitable for breeding but on the other hand she has a great character and is a perfect family member.

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