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Enormous Surprise Surprise

PARENTS: Enormous Know How x Falko des Trois Petits Diables
BORN ON: 28.4.2018
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 63 cm, 33 kg
OPHTHALMIC EXAM: free of genetic eye diseases
CARDIAC EXAM: free of genetic heart diseases
THYROID TEST: checked 4/2021, normal

SHOWS: International Show Champion C.I.E., Hungarian Show Champion HSCH., Grand Champion of Slovenia GR.CH.SLO., Show Champion of Slovenia CH.SLO., Show Champion of Croatia CH.HR.I., Junior Champion of Slovenia JCH.SLO., Slovenia Winner '20, Winter Winner '20, 4 Rivers Winner '19, 2nd best female Club Show '19, Special show JBOB winner '19; 11x BOB; 1x BOS; 12x CACIB; 3x JBOB

OFFSPRING: Litter "S" is planned in late spring 2021; info

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT NAYA --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Naya is my 3rd and our 4th hovawart. Her pedigree name is Enormous Surprise Surprise and her call name Naya means something new, refreshing, renewal.. and this is just what we needed after the loss of our beloved Avera. Naya was born on April 28, 2018 in Enormous kennel in Poland. She was born four days after my birthday, so she was like a late birthday present given to me from my family. Her parents are Enormous Know How and Falko des Trois Petits Diables and together this two dogs form a completely german pedigree. Riva loves Naya very much since the moment they met. They are partners in crime, two crazy hovi girls, very goofy and funny.

Naya bravely marched into her 18th month and is developing as expected. She is a kind, clever, and extremely playful dog. This spring we successfully passed our ISP A exam with 98 points. She has excellent attachment and attention and is a happy and stable dog, as stated by the judge Miran Mars. We successfully completed the junior championship of Slovenia and attended a good amount of shows where she received excellent grades and descriptions. She also completed the Croatian championship and opened the door to international. In September we went back to school and preparations for BBH are in full swing. We finished her medical exams for DM (the results were excellent - DM N/N), created her DNA profile, tested color locus D (result was D/D), and x-rayed her hips which are HD A/A. She also successfully passed her NZB. We continued with the obedience trainings and passed the B-BH and BGH1 exam with excellent note.

In winter we trained for the BHG1 exam, which we then passed on the 8th of march 2020. In June Naya passed her breeding suitability test (ZTP) like a pro and we plan on having her first litter in spring 2021. We also attended a good number of shows, making Naya a champion in Slovenia, Hungary and internationally.

In terms of character, Naya is an exceptionally kind and playful dog. She loves school training, obedience is her speciality, and the ball is her main prize. She loves “fighting” with Riva and other family members over toys and is a master at picking treats out of kongs. She is kind towards all dogs, but sees birds and cats as a source of fun. She also loves pets and cuddles from family members and friends. When meeting someone unfamiliar, she is initially cautious, but once she is won over with the first toss of a ball or pull of a toy, she keeps coming back for more and more. Naya is, so to speak, the family clown, as she happily “sings” about daily events to each of us. She is a perpetually happy and adorable hovawart that makes every day special for us.

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