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7.11.2022 Planned litter

Our next litter is planned in winter 2022/2023. We will (hopefully) expect black&tan and blond puppies.

28.5.2022 WEEK 3

The puppies are doing well. In the 3rd week we expanded their whelping box and made them an indoor playground. They explored it all in a minute, they love the new toys, they met our Naya who was super excited to meet them since day1.

. .

20.5.2022 WEEK 2

Not much happened in the 2nd week, the puppies still sleep & eat most of the time. Their "walking" is getting better, they opened their eyes and are slowely starting to play with each other.

. .

12.5.2022 WEEK 1

The first week passed by so fast. The puppies are doing well, they are nicely gaining weight, they love to sleep and eat (such a busy lifestyle :)). We might have a black boy available - if you are interested our contact info is tea.pavisic@gmail.com.


The first of May holidays were all about our "V" puppies. On May 2nd Riva gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies - 4 males (3 black, 1 black&tan) and 4 females (3 black and 1 black&tan). We are super happy and proud of our Riva, she did a great job!

21.4.2022 10 MORE DAYS...

... and we will meet our "V" puppies. Riva is feeling well, she still loves going on the walks and is, despite 4 meals per day, always hungry :)



It's no secret that I love black hovawarts dearly. Biko caught my attention the moment he appeared on the RZV stud males list and this will be his first litter born abroad. Huge thanks to Biko's boss lady, Catrin, who agreed to do additional health tests and made this breeding possible. Biko lives in Dresden 🇩🇪 as a family hovi, has an amazing temperament, is health tested (HD A, DM N/N, E/E, D/D, full dentition, thyroid normal, eyes-free, DNA profile) and is shown occasionally (German RZV Champion, V2/14 RZV CSS ’21, V1/4 RZV CSS ’19). His pedigree features bloodlines from Sweden and Germany. Riva's pregnancy is confirmed, she is due on May 2nd.

3.3.2022 AFTER A LONG TIME...

... we are publishing some news. After two litters in 2021 we took some time off. But that doesn't mean our life was boring, or that we don't have any news. All 2021 puppies, "S" and "E" litter, are doing very well in their new homes. Once again the matchmaking system resulted in awesome teams!


Rio, Katrina and Jon are having fun on holidays in France, Andorra and Austria. Rio, probably known as our most sporty hovi, is having lots of fun!


In the meantime the cold weather helped the family of Storm to take a decision to spend the whole winter in Spain and in Portugal. Storm is more than happy with their decision.


Our "E" puppies celebrated their first birthday!!


Sierra, who lives in Norway, attended her very first snow on 27.2.2022, obtained the best puppy title and got a very nice judge's report. Way to go! Congrats to her owner Randi!


Envy is sending greetings from New York! The first photo is brand new, others show younger Envy.


Epic passed two exams in the American kennel club (AKC) - Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA). Congrats to Catherine and Samanthi!


Riva became grandmother. We are happy to share the news of two litters.

Raya gave birth to 9 puppies (8/1, all black and tan) in kennel Časova, Slovenia. The father of the puppies is Elutz Grofje Celjski. Raya proved that she is an excellent mother. The puppies live in UK, SLO, AT and USA.

Our second grandchildren were born in CZ, in the Nirami's Soul kennel. Reiwa gave birth to 10 puppies, 5 males (3 black and 2 black&tan) and 5 females (4 black and 1 black&tan). The father of the puppies is well known Amaro Carpathia Heart. The puppies live in the CZ, PL, D and SK. Reiwa was more than perfect mother and took of her huge puppy pack with no problems. One black&tan male, Ayram, stayed at home with Reiwa & Amaro.


We were happy to see Sonic again and of course we had to take a few new pics.


Elektra attended shows in Italy, results are V1, JCAC, BOB, CQ and V1, JCAC, BOS. She also attended the special show of the italian hovawart club and was placed on the first place, VP1 in her class. Judge: S.D.Entenmann.


Emil is having fun at the Seminars and trips to the mountains.


We attended a seminar organized by Hovawart club Slovenia. Sonic, Spyro (Gin), Enigma, Ebony and Extreme had lots of fun and showed their beautiful temperament.


Rocco and his boss lady Marta attended two shows in Slovenia. First day Rocco obtanined V1, CAC, BOB, second day V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and so he obtained the new title Show champion of Slovenia!

11.8.2021 WEEK 7 & GOODBYE TIME

We can't believe how time flies. The puppies are alredy 7.5 weeks old, they are chipped and were vaccinated for the first time. The first 4 puppies will leave in a few days, the rest of them will stay with us a little bit longer. Two puppies will be the first dogs of a family and five puppies will live in a family who already has/had a hovawart. We have many exports once again, only two males (Sonic and Spyro) are staying in Slovenia.


Our "S" puppies are growing up very fast. We are a bit late with the news and updates because we spend all our free time with them. We are more active on Facebook.

The puppies are 5 weeks old now and we still don't know who is who, or better said, who goes where. This will be known next week, after litter control and before chipping. We are very thankful to our friends who are helping us socializating the puppies. They already met so many new people = visitors and they simply love everyone. Week 5 is also the week of first portraits:

During the week 4 the puppies got very comfortable in the outdoor playground. Thanks to the super nice weather the puppies can be outside all day long. They have lots of fun, lot of visits, they are getting familiar with different food... More photos can be found in the album: ALBUM 4TH WEEK

Week 3 passed by super fast and the puppies became little explorers. We expanded their whelping box into indoor playground. They were all very brave, checked out all new toys, got familiar with sounds and also new meals. They also met Riva. More photos can be found in the album: ALBUM 3RD WEEK

In the second week the puppies opened their eyes. We have noticed first tries of walking and playing. More photos can be found in the album: ALBUM 2ND WEEK

25.6.2021 1ST WEEK

The first week is behind us. The puppies are doing good, sleeping and eating well, gaining weight... Naya is a great mother, very relaxed, caring and loving. We have chosen the names but have not assigned them to the puppies yet. The males have violet, blue, orange, green ribbo, while the females have yellow, light blue, lilac, red and pink ribbon. More pics: "S" litter - day 5.

Males: Sonic, Sven, Sagan, Spyro
Females: Sunny, Skyler, Siri, Sierra and Storm

20.6.2021 "S" PUPPIES

Our "S" puppies are born. Naya gave birth to 9 puppies in 6 hours without any problems. We have 4 males and 5 females, all black and tan. The puppies ad Naya are doing good.

11.6.2021 THE COUNTDOWN....

Just a few days more and we will meet our "S" puppies. Naya feels fine, is hungry all the time, she is calmer than usually but still carries her ball around and wants us to play fetch with her. We are ready... More pics of Naya's pregnancy: LITTER S

11.6.2021 ELEKTRA

Our Elektra lives with the Armani family in Italy, kennel Dievelnigher. She already attended her very first show, the special show of the Italian HW club, judged by mr. Michael Kunze. Elektra became Best puppy, her judge's report is beautiful. We are very proud. Congrats to her boss lady Annalisa.


Two females from Riva's "R" litter, Reiwa and Raya, passed the ZTP! We are super happy and proud!

Reiwa passed the ZTP in the CZ hovawart club. She passed the temperament test with 93/100 points and has earned 1st breeding class. Reiwa's health tests: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free, spondylosis negative, DM N/N, locus D D/D, eyes free of genetic diseases, thyroid normal. We are so proud of Nicola & Reiwa and we are keeping our fingers crossed for their future plans.

Raya passed the ZTP in the Hovawart club of Slovenia. Her first litter is planned is late summer/autumn, in the kennel Časova, Slovenia. Just like Reiwa, Raya also passed the temperament test beautifully. Raya's health tests: HD A/A, DM N/N, locus D D/D, eyes free of genetic diseases, thyroid normal. We hope the autumn will be fun in the Časova kennel. Pics from her ZTP: RAYA ZTP

30.5.2021 LESS THAN 3 WEEKS MORE....

... and Naya's puppies will join our family. 40 days of her pregnancy passed by. She feels good, she is still very playful and active. Playing fetch is still her fav thing to do, she still hunts down every bird she sees and loves to do the obedience trainings. She has gained quite a few kilos and her belly is very noticeable.


On May 9th Rocco passed the ZTP SLO examination organized by Hovawart club Slovenia, judged by mrs. Bojana Razpotnik. Once again Rocco showed his amazing temperament and passed the ZTP without a single problem.

More information about Rocco: Rocco ex Horto Albo

29.5.2021 REIWA

Nicola and Reiwa passed the ZZO exam. Congrats!


Ultrasound examination confirmed that Naya is expecting her first puppies. The father of the puppies is well known Slovenian stud male Et Hovi-raj. More information >>>

15.5.2021 ROCCO

We are very happy and proud of Rocco, whose eyes are officially free of genetic diseases.

28.4.2021 NAYA'S BDAY

Our crazy girl Naya celebrated her 3rd bday! Happy bday, we love you very much!

28.4.2021 HEALTH TESTS

Our Naya, Reiwa and Raya had their thyroid tested and the result of all 3 girls is more than perfect, we are super happy!

27.4.2021 8TH WEEK

The "E" litter adventure at our home is coming to a close soon. We will be enjoying the company of a few of the puppies for a little longer, but the rest have already won over the hearts of their new families. As the breeder, I am extremely pleased, happy, and proud of the new owners! In the 8th week we had many visits, among them also the father of the litter. Each puppy got his/her own "goodbye package". Eevee now lives in Croatia, Extreme, Ebony and Enigma in Slovenia.

22.4.2021 7TH WEEK

Week 7 was a very busy week but the most important event of the week was surely the visit of our vet Ana, who chipped and vaccinated the puppies.

7 weeks old puppies - we finally know who is who...

We are very happy and proud that not a single puppy has any fault. All puppies have correct bite, hearts are ok, boys privates are in order, tail ends have no kink...

Once again, we have many exports as, despite many inquiries, only 3 families from our home country really wowed us (or better said - fulfilled the conditions to get a puppy from our kennel). At this point, we would also like to thank our friends who made sure we had lots of visits and helped us with socializing the puppies.

14.4.2021 6TH WEEK

The puppies are having fun in the playground, they are very brave, playful, they love every visitor, they are very well house-trained already... long story short - we are having lots of fun.

All puppies at the age of 6 weeks

A few more pics...

More pics: "E" littern - 6th week.

3.4.2021 5TH WEEK

5th week also passed by fast. We had many visits, thanks to our friends who are making sure & are helping to have our puppies well socialized. The family of Elutz, the father of the puppies, also visited us and they loved the puppies. We managed to take a few new pics...

The puppies had fun in the new outdoor playground, we also made their first "official portraits"...

They were exposed to many new things, noises and people. We are very happy that all puppies are brave, curious and very laid back, nothing bothers them. We still do not know who is who or who goes where.

Our Naya loves the puppies so much, she plays with them all day long while Riva is supervising the surroundings.

More photos: ALBUM "E" litter - 5. week + Elutz visiting.

. .

29.3.2021 4TH WEEK

The puppies are 4 weeks old. In the 3rd week we removed the whelping box and set them their first indoor playground.

They are getting more and more active and are improving their movement skills quite well. In the 3rd week we started feeding them milky mushes, lean raw beef, starter kibble soak in goat milk etc. More pic: "E" litter - 4. week.

. .

13.3.2021 2ND WEEK

The days are passing by very quickly. The puppies are two weeks old, all of them opened their eyes, the first attempts of playing were noticed and their movement is getting better and better. They are all developing and gaining nicely, the smallest one weigts 1,7kg and the biggest one 2kg. More pics as always in the album: "E" leglo - day 16.; video 1, video 2, video 3.

. .

8.3.2021 1ST WEEK

The first week, well more like 11 days, is behind us. The puppies are doing great, the average weight is 1200g, they started to open their eyes - some a little bit sooner than the others. Riva is also doing good, she already joined Naya on the walk and had lots of fun. More photos in the album: Litter "E" - day 11.


On February 24th & 25th Riva gave birth to 9 puppies. We have 4 black males, 2 black females and 3 black&tan females. Riva is feeling well and so are the puppies. Males have lilac, yellow, orange and black ribbon, and the females have red, blue, green, pink and violet ribbon. More photos: ALBUM - Litter "E" - day 2.

The names:
Males: Extreme, Emil, Elliot, Epic
Females: Enigma, Elektra, Ebony, Eevee, Envy

19.2.2021 JUST A FEW DAYS MORE...

Just a few days more and we will meet our "E" puppies. Riva is feeling good, her walks are very limited now as she prefers to enjoy the home garden. She weights 47,3kg now, meaning she gained 11kg. The puppy room is fully ready... and now we wait :)


3 more weeks and we will meet our "E" puppies. Riva is doing well, she feels fine, is still very active, has everything under control. She is so excited to eat multiple times per day, it is probably her fav thing to do :) We did another ultra examination, everything seems to be perfect. Hearts are nicely beating, the puppies are finally getting a "shape" of real dogs and Riva's belly is already nicely seen. The puppy room is getting ready too and this week we will do the most important shopping... Photo 1 is from ultra examination made on 18.1. (we could not fit more than 3 puppies on the screen), the second and third photos are taken few days ago. On new ultra photo is just one puppy, due to their size.

20.1.2021 REIWA

Nicola and Reiwa did the eye examination and we are happy to write Reiwa is free of genetic eye diseases. Congrats!


Today's ultrasound examinaton confirmed our assumptions - Riva is expecting puppies and is due around the end of February. The father of the litter is a young but brilliant Slovenian stud male – CH. Elutz Grofje Celjski .

Read more >>>

26.12.2020 NAYA

we have finally received Naya's International Beauty Champion diploma. Few weeks ago her eyes and heart was examinated and everything is perfect. She is free of all genetic diseases. We are planning her first litter in spring 2021. More information about Naya is here.


At the end of November our "R" puppies celebrated their 2nd bday. We are very proud and thankful to all owners, who are sending us so many photos and videos.




Rea (1), Roy (2,3) in Rubik (4,5)

Rio + video1, video2, video3

26.12.2020 RHODOS - RALPH (NL)

Michiel in Marcel sent us new photos or wonderful Ralph... "he is wonderful and sweet" they say.

26.12.2020 THE TRIP

Our hometown had a very moody weather for a long time, so we decided to take our dogs and go hiking together with Alenka and Blue. After two hours of walk, this was our view...

26.12.2020 LITTER "A"

The puppies from the "A" litter are 10 years old.

Allegra (1), Altea (2), Ares (3,4), Artos (5)

Artos (6,7,8), Alexa (9), Amber (10)

30.10.2020 "R" LITTER UPDATE

Our "R" litter is almost 2 years old. We would love to show you the newest photos and videos of them. Huge thanks to the owners for taking such a great care of them.



Rio + video; Rio in Andorra


Rufus + video; Aron & Bobi

Raya; and her father Blue






30.10.2020 NICOLA & REIWA

Nicola and Reiwa participated in a charity event called HARD DOG RACE. They were a part of the team named HOVI DREAM RACERS. The team had 6 members and of course 6 hovawarts. The competition was strong but the team ended up on 9th place out of 23! We are super proud of N&R!

30.8.2020 SHOW WEEKEND

Rea, Naya and Rocco were shown at the one national and two international shows in Bled, Slovenia. Naya became Grand Champion of Slovenia championship and Rea Champion of Slovenia. They achieved the following results;

Končni izkupiček:
Friday, CAC Lesce, 4.9.2020, the judge: Sabina Strniša
Naya, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, BOB
Rea, intermedia class: excellent 1, CAC
Saturday, CACIB Bled I, 5.9.2020, the judge: Bojana Razpotnik
Naya, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Rea, intermedia class: excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB
Rocco, intermedia class: excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB
Sunday, CACIB Bled II, 6.9.2020, the judge: Alenka Černe Sedej
Naya, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Rea, intermedia class: excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB

The photos of Rocco are taken by Asja Ambrožič.


Naya closed two championships in one weekend. We are super proud of our girl. This time she was registered to 3xCACIB Szilvasvarad show in Hungary. The show was organized super nicely, the ring size was good and there was enough shade for everyone. With the results listed bellow Naya became new International Show Champion and Hungarian Champion. There is a video of day1 BOB selection klik

Full results:
Szilvasvard I, 20.8.2020, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Szilvasvard II, 21.8.2020, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, CQ
Szilvasvard III, 22.8.2020, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Our seaside holidays ended way to fast. We spent 14 days in Croatia. This time we rented a house, 20 meters from the seashore - with the private beach, so the dogs could enjoy their holidays too. We made a trip to canyon Zrmanja and Kudin most.

On 13.8. Riva celebrated her 4th birthday, so we took the dogs to well known sandy Nin beach. I think the photos can tell more than words...

30.8.2020 BOHINJ

We are sharing a few photos from yesterday's trip with Blue, Rea, Naya and Riva.


Hovawart club Slovenija - HWKS - organized the ZTP, which was judged by B. Razpotnik and M. Zidar. We registered two females, our Naya (Enormous Surprise Surprise) and Rea (Rea ex Horto Albo). Both passed the ZTP without a slightest problem. Naya's ZTP was also the best ZTP od the day!

The first ZTP was Naya's - Enormous Surprise Surprise. She is now 2 years and 2 months old. The judges loved her reactions, her anatomy and her temperament. She is very relaxed, playful and friendly female. Her ZTP was also the best ZTP of the day. More pics can be found in the gallery here.

As third one, and last, was presented our young Rea - Rea ex Horto Albo. To pass the ZTP was one of the goals of her owner Jan. Rea is his first dog and we are super proud of this duo. We are aware of Rea not being fully developed yet (she is only 18 months old) but her temperament is superb. She had great reactions to the situations, was very relaxed and friendly. More photos: vin the gallery here.

Raya ex Horto Albo visited us at the ZTP. She was not registered to the ZTP yes, she is missing one condition more - the BBH exam. Her hips are xrayed (HD A) and eyes free of genetic diseases!

26.5.2020 REA

We have finally received Rea's hips and elbows x-rays results and the news could not be better! Rea ex Horto Albo - HD A/A and ED 0/0!

22.5.2020 NEW PHOTOS

We just wanted to share some new photos of Riva and Naya with you....


This weekend we attended the international show in Celje, where Naya was registered in the champion class both days. She was the youngest in the class so we are more than happy about the following results:
Saturday, 22.2.2020, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Sunday, 23.2.2020, champion class: excellent 1/3, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Winter Winner '20

27.2.2020 "R" LITTER UPDATE

Our "R" litter puppies are almost 15 months old.

Our black and tan ladies are making sure their owners are not bored or feeling cold in the bed - Rea in Raya...

...Rubin is enjoying her holidays in the UK. She often goes on a ski trips with her family to the french Alps.

Reiwa is having fun in the company of Amaro...

Rubia in Rina, our two other black ladies ...

... and "R" litter males:

Rio is having fun in Austria at the moment, where he is spending 3 months long ski vacations with his family. When his owners are skiing, he is having fun with babysitter - video 1, video 2 - and is enjoying long walks with the owners - video 3.

... Rocco is enjoying the beautiful nature of his home area.

... Rufus is proudly posing in the city; Olivia is making sure Rubik's hair is perfectly groomed.

... Rhodos and Rubia met few months ago and sent us few photos - and our only black and tan male Roy.

18.2.2020 ROCCO

Marta and Rocco finished all 3 levels of the trainings in the dog school and passed the final AVP exam with 98/100 points! We are very proud!

15.2.2020 REIWA

We have received a wonderful news from Nicola and Reiwa. Reiwa's joints are officially x-rayed and the resuls is: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free. Her spine is also spondylosis negative. We are very happy!


We attended the CACIB Slovenia Winner show in Celje. Naya in the champion class - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and the Slovenia Winner 2020 title.

21.12.2019 POKLJUKA

Winter photo walk with the friends. We had so much fun! On the photos are Riva, Naya, Rufus, Rea and Blue.

21.12.2019 TWO EXAMS PASSED!

Naya and Rea passed obedience exam today. Naya passed the BBH exam with 5 poitns out of 60, so with excellent note! We are very proud of both girls.

30.11.2019 1ST BDAY

Our "R" puppies are one year old. Happy birthday our "little ones". We love you very much.


In November we did a few health tests with Naya, we x-rayed her hips and the grade is HD A/A . We also tested her for DM and locus D, the results came back as DM N/N and D/D. We are very happy.


This weekend we ended the 2019 show season. It was more than successful for our dogs and we are very happy about that. We attended a new show organized by Slovenian kennel club - Slovenian Derby Winner show (3 days). This time we registered only Rea and Riva. On friday hovawarts were judged by german judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Rea in juniors achieved excellent 1, Junior Winner, Best Junior and Derby Winner title. The judge loved almost hairless Riva in champions, who achieved excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. With this result Riva fulfilled the conditions to obtain the Grand Champion of Slovenia title (the conditions for this title are four CAC titles from at least three international shows and one BOB from international show). On saturday we didnt attend this show because we attended national show CAC Ivanič Grad with Riva, who won her 13th BOB and closed another championship - Croatian Grand Champion. The show was located near the pools, so the last photo under the post was taken there - I just could not resist not taking it :) On sunday we again attended the Derby show but with Rea only. She achieved another Junior Winner and Derby Winner title and became Junior Champion of Slovenia. We are very proud of team Rea & Jan! With the results achieved this weekend we ended the show season '19 and now we have a well deserved brake. We are just enoying life with our hovis.

5. and 6.10.2019 CACIB LIPICA & NZB OF R LITTER

On Saturday, we attended the international show CACIB Lipica I. This time, we presented each our own dog to the Portuguese judge - Manja & Aron (Rufus), Jan & Rea, Tanja & Naya, and Tea & Riva. I have to give compliments to Manja and Jan, who presented their hovis wonderfully in the ring and showed how relaxed they were outside of it as well. The grades and descriptions were inspiring as well; Aron excellent 1, PRM, Best male; Rea excellent 1, PRM, JBOB; Naya excellent 1, CAC; Riva excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB. According to the new rules for earning the Slovenian championship, the CAC earned here made Naya a Show champion of Slovenia.

On Sunday, 6.10., the Hovawart club of Slovenia organized NZB. From out R litter, who are now 10.5 months old, 6 of the dogs live in Slovenia and they all attended it. The attendees were; Marta & Rocco, Manja & Aron (Rufus), Bojan & Roy, Brane & Rina (Rosinante), Jan & Rea, and Dani & Raya - we are, of course, grateful to all of them. Along with them, we also participated with our home team Tanja & Naya. They all performed well, were relaxed, brave, curious, lively, allowed themselves to be touched and have their teeth checked… despite their owners being nervous. And that's what matters most - to have a hovi with a stable character who is well socialized and can be brought anywhere without worries. There were many photos, so we are only showing a few here, but you can check the rest at GALLERY

Rocco ex Horto Albo

Rufus ex Horto Albo

Roy ex Horto Albo

Rosinante ex Horto Albo

Rea ex Horto Albo

Raya ex Horto Albo

Naya - Enormous Surprise Surprise

As always, we combined obligations with fun. After every show (despite usually not being there for more than 2 hours and our dogs never showing any signs of stress and continue to allow strangers to pet them), we try to take our dogs out to play or swim. The NZB was in Velenje, right next to the lake, so we took advantage of that.

5.10.2019 CZ CLUB SHOW

Our Czech team, Nicola & Reiwa, attended the club show in the Czech Republic. Reiwa participated in the young class and competed against eight young females, earning an excellent 3rd place (V3/8). She was once again the youngest in her class. In pairs, Reiwa & Amaro took second place! Congratulations to Nicola! We are very proud.


Just like in Karlovac, we attended this show for the first time. 5 hovawarts were presented from Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia, which is a lot for a Croatian national show. Naya earned excellent 1, CAC and BOB, while Riva earned excellent 2, r.CAC. After lunch, we headed off to Lovran to attend the CAC Opatija show. Our lodging was less than a five-minute walk from the show site, which was just amazing. On Sunday, we presented the dogs to a very friendly & gentle croatian judge, who gave Naya excellent 1, CAC, and Riva excellent 1, CAC, BOB. With the tiles earned in Karlovac, Crikvenica, and Opatia, Naya became a Croatian show champion!


Nicola and Reiwa attended the Czech NZB and passed with an excellent grade. Of the 53 dogs at the NZB, only two others were graded as good as Reiwa. Great job and congratulations! Here are some most recent photos of Reiwa.

21. and 22.9.2019 CACIB KARLOVAC

The show season continues… this time in Karlovac. Riva and Naya cooperated really well and received good descriptions as well as the grades we needed; Naya excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and Riva excellent 1, CAC, RCACIB. On the second day, the Spanish judge Juan Carrero Naveda only judged Naya, who earned excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.


Nicola and Reiwa attended two shows, this time close to their home. Reiwa participated for the first time in the young class, only a few days over 9 months of age. Among her competition of six older females, she took third place with an excellent (V3/6) grade. Considering her age and her current lack of hair after her heat, it was a fantastic result. At the second show she was graded with excellent 1, JCAC. Congratulations!


There was no rest for us this weekend. On Saturday, we attended the Special Club show in Domžale and the CACIB Gradiška show on Sunday. Despite 600km and 3 hours of waiting at the border, our dogs did everything perfectly.

On Saturday, we attended the Special club show with seven of our dogs - Rocco, Roy, Rufus, Rea, Raya, Riva, and Naya. The show was organized independently for the first time on the well-known location at KD Domžale. The judge was Mrs. Kirsten Wesche and all together, she judged 30 hovawarts from three countries. Our young ones had reached the lower age limit for the young class only a week before. In the class of young males the boys were graded with; Rufus (1/5), Rocco (4/5), and Roy (5/5), while in young females the grades were Rea (1/2) and Raya (2/2). Next, in intermediate class, Naya took first place (1/1), CAC and later became the second best female. She seemed to make quite the impression on the judge. Riva had to wait the longest but in the end earned second place in the champions' class (2/5) and r.CAC. In pairs, Riva & Rufus took 1st place.

Regardless of the grades, we are most proud of our dogs' behaviour. They were all kind to the judge, allowed themselves to be touched, have their teeth checked, were relaxed in the ring… Naturally, they will still need to iron some things out, but practice makes perfect. Thank you for coming and presenting your dogs.

On Sunday, we had another show waiting for us. This time we left home with only Naya in the car while Riva and Aron (Rufus) slept on. Almost three hours later, we arrived at the sight of the CACIB Gradiška show. I had seen the photos of the prepared rings on Friday, but seeing the show in person fascinated me even more. It was no doubt the prettiest show we had ever attended and many organizers could take notes from it! Naya received excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.


We had a two-week long visit from Aron (Rufus ex Horto Albo). He got along perfectly with Riva and Naya, so living together was no problem at all. During that time, Anna, the breeder of Riva and Naya, also visited us. It was nice seeing them all together and, despite our dogs not knowing each other (mostly adult females), they had no trouble spending the weekend with us. And if anyone doesn't know, this is what hovawarts playing look like:

25.8.2019 CAC TRBOVLJE

On the 25th of September, we attended the CAC Trbovlje national show with Riva and Naya. The hovawarts there were judged by Mister Boris Baič. The show was well organized and the judging went (unfortunately) as expected; Riva CAC in the champions class and Naya CAC in the intermediate class.


Time flies. Our "R" puppies are almost 9 months old. Their wonderful families are sending us photos and videos every week, some of them even every day! We are super happy that you enjoy so much together and that you praise our dogs characters so much. Thank you! Names of the dogs open when photo is enlarged.

Starting with our 3 black and tan females - Rubin, Raya in Rea.

... our 3 black females - Rina, Reiwa and Rubia

Black males - Rhodos, Rocco, Rufus, Rubik

and two videos of - Rio - and one of Rio & Rubin

last but not least; our only black and tan male - Roy - who just adores children.

15.8.2019 ROY VISITING

Roy and his family spent few days of their vacations very close to our hometime, so we all agreed it is time to meet again. All 4 dogs (Jan & Rea also joined us) had so much fun, running around, swimmming and playing with each other. It is so nice to see how well they get along. Roy is growing up & developing very nicely and what is most important - he has amazing character.


Our Naya is now old enough to be registered in the intermedia class and as planned months ago, we attended the CACIB Gradisca d'Isonzo show in Italy. Beautiful show, lovely size of the rings, pools for dogs (lucky short-haired breeds).. this show could be used as an example of a good show for many people who organize shows! The judge from Portugal, Joao Vasco Pocas liked Naya very much, her description is faultless, and in comparisment with other hovis she was graded with Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB! Way to go our "little" girl.

30.6.2019 CACIB ROGLA II

We attended the CACIB Rogla II show, same as last year and a year before. This time we registered Rea in the puppy class and Riva in the champion class. Rea was graded with very promising 1, puppy BOB and Riva with Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and later running with a male also the BOB title.

... and a few photos more (Rea, Riva and Naya)


Naya passed her first obedience exam IPS A and achived 98/100 points! Judge: Miran Marš (SLO).

9.6.2019 RUBIA

We have received a wonderful news from the Netherlands. We could not be more proud of our Rubia, now called Noortje. Her owners decided she should have a show debut at the Club show of the Hovawart Club Netherland. She was shown in the puppy class and was graded with Very promising 1, puppy BOB! Stepan and Martine are even more proud of her behaviour at the show. Congrats!


Six months after having her puppies Riva is back to the show rings. We decided to attend the CACIB Umag show again. This used to be a very nice show, but after the change of location it is probably one of the worst shows. After Umag we drove to Hungary were Riva was registered to second and third day of the CACIB Komarom show. Very nice show, located in the Fort Monostor. On second day hovawarts were judged by norwegian respected judge mr. Arne Foss. Riva was the only hovawart graded with excellent!! Second day, judge was the president of Kennel Club Moldova, was not much different. The judge took photos of Riva only, and for the BOB title we did't even run one lap, the decision was made so fast. With this listed results Riva fulfilled the conditions to obtain the INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION INT.CH.CIE title before the age of 3 years! We are so proud of her!

CACIB Umag: champion class; Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

CACIB Komarom II: champion class; Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, CQ

CACIB Komarom III: champion class; Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


We attended national show CAC Hrušica on sunday, 26.5.2019. I don't even remember the last time when I was at this show but this year we attended as a team. In the puppy class were presented Rufus (Aron), Rea, Raya and in the intermedia class our Naya. 8 hovawarts in total, 4 males and 4 females. Austran judge, mr. Otto Schimpf, was friendly and our dogs had no problems in the ring. They all proved how well behaved they are, relaxed, poeple oriented and how much they love even strangers. Naya got the last needed Junior Winner title so she also fulfilled the conditions to obtain the Junior Champion of Slovenia JCH SLO title.

Rufus ex Horto Albo: puppy class; Very promising 1

Raya ex Horto Albo: puppy class; Very promising 1

Rea ex Horto Albo: puppy class; Very promising 2

Enormous Surprise Surprise: junior class; Excellent 1, JBOB, Best female

After the judging we visited Alenka & Blue and together we went to the Sava Bohinjka river. Wonderful place and super clean water - a perfect place for us to relax and cool down after the show time. Our dogs had so much fun, Aron swam for the first time, they were rolling over in the sand and we also lost Blue's favorite ball.

17.5.2019 RUFUS

After a week of rain finally a sunny day came. We visited Rufus, now called Aron. He is growing up very nicely, is very gentle, playful and his owner is doing a great job in the obedience trainings. So well behaved boy! He is the first dog of his owner so we are more than happy to see what a great team this two are.

11.5.2019 RIO AND RUBIN

Rio and Rubin are enjoying in everyday walks and swimming. We are posting few videos, 3 of them from the april and one new. Rio got familiar with his summer vacation home in Nice and he loves running on the beach there. Rio and Ruby are real explorers of Azure coast and on the last video they are swimming (or at least trying haha) in the Lac du Riou lake.

10.4.2019 CAC OSTRAVA (CZ)

Reiwa and Nicola attended their very first show this weekend - CAC Ostrava. As Nicola said, Reiwa behaved like a true professional in the ring and was graded a Very promising 1, best minor puppy.


We attended Special show for HW, organized by Hovawart Club Slovenia. This time our team had 4 four-legged members - Rufus, Rocco, Rea and Naya. For the "R" puppies this was their very first show and they were all presented beautifully, they behaved like a professionals in the ring. I was most proud of their behaviour, it was much better than behaviour of some grown up hovawarts. Naya was presented by me in the junior class and together we won JBOB over best male! Huge congrats and thanks to Marta, Manja and Jan for attending the show. You were all great! Results:

Rocco ex Horto Albo: Very promising 1

Rufus ex Horto Albo: Very promising 2

Rea ex Horto Albo: Very promising 1, Minor puppy BOB

Enormous Surprise Surprise "Naya": Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB


All puppies are now enjoying with their new families. Some left at the age of 8 weeks, some weeks later. 6 puppies now live abroad - "R" puppies live in 5 different countries. Five puppies live in a family where they had or have another hovawart. 9 puppies live in a family where there is always someone at home (not having a job or working from home). All families are sending us photos and videos all the time, so we can see how our puppies are growing up. Really amazing families.

ROSINANTE: The first puppy who left our home was Rosinante, now called Rina. She stayed in Slovenia and is taking care that Alenka, Brane and Aleš are not bored. She is doing a great job. Rina has a lot of energy, is very playful and loves to explore. She was the first puppy who opened the eyes. She usually fall asleep the last one and in the process of searching for a perfect place to sleep, she woke up all her siblings. Alenka is very creative and is keeping Rina busy with interactive toys.

RUBIN; The name for our pink female was picked by Alenka - owner of Blue. Ruby now lives in France with David and Rachael and is a member of a british family. She lives with two buddies - spaniel Chip and bernese mountain dog Poppy. Ruby is playful female with a big appetite but we will surely remember her as the most cuddly puppy of the litter. She loves belly rubs and she usually fall asleep in my lap. So cuddly and gentle but on the other hand a small devil in the playground. Whoever knocked her over or pinched/bit her was hunted down and got what they deserved.

RUBIA: Our last born puppy, dark blue female Rubia, now called Noortje, lives now on the island of Texel - the Netherlands. Her family - Martine, Stephan and Koen - was so excited when the time to pick her up finally came. She is already a best friend with the first hovi of her family - three years old female Balou. Rubia is a special puppy, she loved being somewhere higher than other puppies. In the playground her favorite spot has been a tree stump - she just sat there and observed. She was a climbing expert, the only puppy who climbed over a 85cm high fence in a seconds. She is exploring the island of Texel with her new family and has lot of fun with Balou and other puppy friends.

RAYA: Raya, our yellow female, now lives with Tanja and Danilo in Slovenia - kennel Časova - together with two other hovawart females Isa and Dina. She was the most "daddy-look-alike" puppy. Raya has lots of energy, is fearless, playfull and very people oriented. She was also the most fluffy female. Raya always tried to grab my hair - if I had a pony tail, well this was even more fun. She is never bored, thanks to Isa and Dina there is always someone she can play with.

REIWA: Reiwa is our first born female, she had violet ribbon. Like other puppies also Reiwa has lots of energy, loves to eat and play. Sometimes her behaviour or reactions reminded me of a puppy Riva. She loved sleeping in a small plastic pool filled with balls. Reiwa now lives with Nicola in the Czech Republic together with well known Amaro Carpathia Heart and akita Giri. Amaro and Reiwa are a great team, as we hoped, Amaro is a true gentleman while Reiwa loves to attack him all the time. Reiwa is already attending a puppy school, the beginnings of her trainings look very promising.

REA: Jan and Anita wrote us more than a year before our puppies were born. Their wish came true and female with orange ribbon - Rea - now lives with them, only 10km away from us, in Novo mesto, Slovenia. Jan is making sure Rea is not bored, she has many interactive toys and snuffle mats. She loves to eat dried meat goodies, is very friendly, playful and people oriented. Jan and Rea are already attending a puppy school, club meetings and are regulary visiting us.

RUFUS: Rufus, now called Aron, lives with Manja, Gašper and two cats in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Manja wished to have her own dog for a very long time and she waited a year before Aron joined her. At first her wish was black and tan male but when we posted photos of our black boys her wish changed and best match with her was Rufus, male with black collar. Aron was our heaviest male, a bit more calm but still playful and curious. Manja and Aron are already attending a puppy school and are exploring Ljubljana. Manja keeps him busy with snuffle mat and Kongs - he is a real Kong expert.

RUBIK: Rubik is our last born male puppy. Very special boy, big and strong but very gentle, a bit more calm but he loves to play and is very people oriented. He was never biting our hands or clothes, he was only licking and was giving kisses. His action time was running in (huge) circles while all other puppies were trying to catch him - he was super fast so no one succeeded. The family who was waiting for him has two small kids and because of that my choice for them was a male with brown collar, Rubik. Rubik now lives in Toronto, Canada, with Riaz, Galiena, Ronin and Olivia. Rubik and the kids are a "dream team", we often receive videos and let's just say our hearts melt every time. He is their 4th dog (3rd hovawart) and Riaz is amazed by his character.

ROY: Roy has a special story to tell. Our magenta boy is our only black and tan male. One of grandparents of the puppies was named Roy, so we decided to name him after his grandfather. There were many families interested in him, from Slovenia and from other countries but somehow none if this families felt like the right one for him. Sometimes life is full of surprises and sometimes we lose our beloved hovi way to soon - this happened to Bojan and Marica. In the time of their call Roy already had a home abroad granted but a week before he should leave I started having some doubts. So after meeting Bojan and Marica I made my final decision and Roy now lives with them in Maribor, Slovenia. Seeing all the photos and videos of Roy in his new home makes me believe even more that I could not make better decision. Roy is already a best friend with their cat, he met their rabbits and racoon, together with his family he goes on a trips and is simply enjoying his life. He is very gentle and loving when grandchild is visiting.

ROCCO: Rocco was our biggest male, friendly, playful, always hungry. His new owner, Marta, wished to have a black and tan male but some things are just meant to be. Rocco didnt want to leave her side when visiting and so the decision was made. Rocco now lives in Jezersko, Slovenia. His "big brother", german shepherd Reks is a great companion, he loves to play with Rocco and is teaching him more or less funny things. Marta shares with us many photos and videos with picturesque views as background - Rocco lives is a picturesque valley, surrounded by the Alps.

RIO: Rio is our first born puppy. Puppy with much more energy than others. The best toy by his opinion was a flower pot. We have so many photos of him carring a flower pot. He is a brave puppy but will think about a situation and about possible "solution". Rio now lives in France with Kathrina and John (he is a member of British family), and his home is only 7km away from David and Rachael who own his sister Rubin. His high level of energy is a perfect match with a sporty lifestyle of Kathrina and John. Rio and Rubin have playdates almost every day and together they are exploring the beauties of Ribiers.

RHODOS: Rhodos, now called Ralph, lives in the Netherlands by Marcel and Michiel. Although Ralph is not their first dog, he is their first puppy - a new challange for his family. They are surely not bored. Ralph is a brave male, very people oriented, friendly to other dogs and he is a true explorer. While he was still with us, he loved city walks and walks in the forest. After a walk he was always sitting by the doors like "let's go again". No walk was long enough for him. He always had a huge appetite, his nickname was "the cleaning boy" because after every meal he cleaned up all bowls - his own and bowls of his siblings. He is already attending a puppy school and even his trainer was amazed by his character. Like Michiel said: "Everybody loves him".

22.3.2019 REIWA

Nicola and Reiwa attended a "working weekend" in Slovakia. Great job girls, we love seeing your training photos!


Our hovawart club organized a ring training and we participated with Naya, Rufus "Aron", Rea, Rocco and Raya. For the "R" puppies this was the first club meeting but they were great - they practiced for a special show in April.


Together with Rhodos and Rubia we visited Rea. All 3 puppies had so much fun running around and playing with each other. More photos are in the gallery: Walk with Rea

5.3.2019 WEEK 10/11/12

At the moment we are enjoying in a company of 5 puppies - Rhodos, Rubik, Rubin, Rubia and Rio. They are all waiting to be old enough to be imported to the countries where their new families live. Only Reiwa already traveled abroad - to Czech Republic.

Galleries by weeks: Click here

The puppies are outside in the playground every day, they go on a walk (neighborhood), we are exploring meadows and forest, shopping mals, pet shops, city center and we are trying to get comfortable with car rides. We are box/crate training Rubik because a flight to his new home will last 11 hours.

5.3.2019 WEEK 7/8/9

The last few weeks with the puppies have been focused on their socialization. They got familiar with rain, we started with walks around our neighborhood - they met a lof of people, kids, other dogs. They dont mind a cargo train passing by our house or the sound of a sport airplane above our house. We added new toys and items to their playground every week, we played them a videos from YouTube - farm animals, city sounds, I watched a lot of movies and cartoons while they slept. Because of a number of the puppies our vet visited us at our home, checked all puppies, vaccinate them and chipped them. No one was crying, all were brave. We also had a visit - "litter control" from the Kennel Club and the lady was surprised how balanced the litter is. At the end of week 8 some puppies already left to their new families, but some are staying with us few weeks more (import regulations of countries). Galleries of week 7, 8 and 9 are here: "R" litter ex Horto Albo.

13.1.2019 WEEK 6

Week 6 passed by in the blink of an eye. Many visits, many happy visitors, happy new families. So wonderful families are waiting for the puppies to be old enough to leave us. We have huge luck, the weather is very nice all the time and puppies can play outside. Really unbelivebale how mild this winter is. Gallery of week 6: GALERIJA WEEK 6/a>

7.1.2019 WEEK 5

We are a bit late with updates about puppies. There is so much work with them and we spent almost all day in their company. They are growing up nicely, are eating well and they are now very active. Our smallest female weight 4kg, biggest male 4,8kg. As you can see, there is not a big difference between smallest and biggest - the litter is really very equal. They eat 5 times per day - raw meat, soaked kibbe/dry food, cottage cheese, fruit... This week we set up also the outdoor playground. It was very interesting how they had to check every detail of the playground. True explorers. All puppies were / are very brave, no one was scared of anything. Our Naya loves spending time with the puppies and we think Riva is happy about that too. We (again) had many visits which is great for puppy socialization. Riva is friendly to every visitor, doesnt make any problem, everyone can pet her babies. Link to the gallery -


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