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On this site we would like to state the conditions the future families have to fulfill to have a possibility to get a puppy from our kennel. We invest all our time and knowledge in raising every litter, in their socialization and well being in general. Because of that we wish only the best families for our beloved puppies - actually we would like them to live a similar dog lifestyle as our home girls do. When puppies leave our home, it doesn't mean that we are not interested in their lives anymore - we would love to know how she/he is doing. That means that we are looking for a families, who:

- have enough time to take care of a puppy,
- will provide a good vet care in case a puppy needs one,
- will stay in a contact with us and regulary send us photos & videos,
- who will consider a puppy as a family member,
- if puppy goes to a show home, she/he has to attend the shows with the owner and not left alone with a handler
- will have a puppy (and later a grown up hovi) in the house/apartment and NOT in a outside kennel!,
- in case a breeder wishes a puppy from us, his/hers kennel has to be FCI registered.

We would like to know more about a family, not just your name and where you live. So, if you wish to have a puppy from our kennel and you fulfill above stated conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us; tea.pavisic@gmail.com or tanja.pavisic@gmail.com

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