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Our goal is to breed a healty and a mentally stable hovawarts whose owners will be proud of. When chosing a male we pay attention to the character and health tests.

It all starts with the care of pregnant female, her food, activities and medical check-ups. We have a special room in the house only for dogs - for puppies. In this room we put the whelping box and later we make a playground for the puppies in case of bad weather or just for playing inside if they want so.

The puppies live with us in the house so they are used to hear different souds (TV, vacuum cleaner, door bell, hair dryer, radio...). When they are old enough they start to explore the garden, where we set a special playground just for them. In this fenced area they can play as much as they want. At the age of 4. weeks we start to invite people to visit the pups (friends and future owners). It is important for a hovawarts to meet different people and to get used to different smell and sounds. The puppies eat the food of high quality - dry food, meat, fish, fruit and so on. At the age of 7 weeks we start with trips and car rides.

All puppies are examinated by a vet, dewormed, vaccinated and chipped, have a passport and the pedigree. Each owner gets a map with documents of the puppy, the documents of the parents and photos on the CD.

We would like to stay in a regular contact with the new owners of our puppies. When puppies leave our home, doesn't mean that we are not interested in their lives anymore. We would like to know how is the puppy doing, if everything is ok, if you have any questions, problems or anything else. We are always very happy when we get a new photos or when we meet with owners. When the puppies are old enough, we would like to get information about their health - x ray of the hips and any other tests are very welcomed.

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